Ghosts of Christmas Past

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, the Christmas season has now begun. Yay!!

One of the my fondest memories of Christmas as a child was watching the Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol cartoon. And if you recall, Scrooge was visited by 3 Ghosts. The Ghost of Christmas Past. The Ghost of Christmas Present. And the Ghost of Christmas future.

In real life, we are visited by ghosts, especially during the holiday season and especially if you are single.

I used to believe that men used to go into hiding around the holiday season to avoid getting boo’d up and being obligated to buy presents and bring a girl around family. But today, quite the opposite is true. There are some men who intentionally come out during the holiday season to lure women out of hiding. Most men have good intentions, But there are some men who don’t. . . .

Watch the video below to listen to the rest of the message.



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