Engineering Faith Bundle

Are you ready to get unstuck in life and start living life fully and abundantly?? The engineering faith bundle was created just for you!! Start with the faith formula which lays the foundation for everything. Next, progress to Engineering Faith - a practical guide to HOW to apply faith to enhance your life. Then Enhance your studies with the engineering faith home study workbook to go deeper into engineering your faith.

Engineering Faith

How many times have you been told to "Just Have Faith?" But how often have you actually been shown HOW to have faith? Engineering Faith: Discovering What It Means to 'Just Have Faith' was created to show you HOW to "Just Have Faith" and HOW to apply faith to different life situations and personality types: Outcast, People Pleaser, Misfit/Nonconformist, & Logical Thinker. Through a series of helpful tips, personal stories, and life application, you will discover many life lessons you can begin applying today to begin living your life on purpose and in purpose.

The Faith Formula eBook

Did you know that there is a formula for applying faith to your life? The Faith Formula Ebook is a transformational, short, easy to read manual that teaches you the faith formula and how to apply it to your life.

The Faith Formula Live Coaching Audio

If you missed the live coaching call I did, here is your chance to experience live coaching at its best. Join me one a 5 day journey as I teach you the faith formula and how to apply it to your life. I've also included live Q & A from real people just like you who are struggling with the concept of faith. 

Engineering Faith: Affirmations

To change your life, you must change what you believe. To change what you believe,  you must change what you're listening to. And the change starts with you.  "Faith comes by hearing . . ." Speak words of hope, love, and assurance to change your life from the inside out. Use this affirmations guide as a starting point for changing your beliefs and changing your life.

Engineering Faith: Home Study

If you enjoyed the Free Action Guide, download this Home Study Course to go more in depth. Learn additional tools and tips on how to logically apply faith in your life to improve your self-esteem, having healthy relationships, finding your path and purpose, and how to make the abstract world of faith make more sense in our tangible world.

Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves

Synopsis of Book

Dani Dimado has a problem. Each day and night of her newly married life is a hell that she regrets with every breath. Every time she looks at her husband, she realizes that she has married a stranger. When she is most confused over her Christian beliefs, reality, and accepting a life of lies, she is left alone in a matter that is proving to threaten her sanity and safety. Focused on the truth, Dani enlists the help of a private investigator who uncovers information that makes her a target of increased danger. Finding her herself suddenly thrown into the battle of her life, Dani sees only two options in her dim future: freedom or death.