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These are just a few words used to describe Sherica as one of this generation’s up and coming speakers. With experience speaking to groups of various sizes, she is able to open herself and make herself approachable and relatable to her audience in ways that are seldom done before.

Signature Speaking Topics

The Engineering Faith Signature Program is designed to help participants achieve success in every area of their lives – mental, physical, and spiritual. In each of the talks listed below, participants will walk away with easy to follow actions steps to achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

The topics below can be delivered as a keynote, conference breakout session, corporate/nonprofit training or webinar. Additional topics can be customized at your request.

Engineering Faith

At some point in our lives, we all have struggled with Self-esteem & Self-worth, Having healthy relationships, Finding your Path and Purpose, Figuring out how spirituality fits into all of this. And if you sought help, you were probably told to:

“Just Have Faith”

“Just Believe”

“Know your worth”

“Love yourself”

But how many of us have ever been taught HOW to do this? For some people, this may come easy or even be intuitive. But I have found that those of us who have a Type A Personality have a hard time grasping this concept. Because we have a hard time with this, we find ourselves:

Socially awkward

Feeling like an outcast

Not conforming to traditional thoughts and lifestyles


During this session, you will:

Have a clear understanding how the abstract world of spirituality fits into a physical, concrete world.

Learn how to align your thoughts, your words, and your actions with your spirituality.

Receive easy-to-follow and practical action steps to take to “just have faith.”

Discover how to apply faith to become the person you know you can be and begin living the happy and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.

Engineering Leadership

In the corporate world, current leaders are always looking for the next generation of leaders. However, many potential leaders are overlooked because they have not yet learned how to bring out the leadership skills that are essential to today’s businesses.

From my experience as a successful electrical engineer and project engineer, high potential future leaders will learn:

The definition of leadership and the different levels of leadership

How to condition their minds for leadership

The difference between being a leader and being a person who tells others what to do

Practical Action steps to take today to prepare to lead tomorrow

Engineering Success – for Youths and Teens

What does it really take for our youth of today to be successful in STEM programs? What tools does each student need to be successful? What is the formula needed to Engineering their Success? This program will provide the answer to these questions by promoting:

Excellence in Math and Science

Higher Self-Esteem


Team Work

Leadership Skills

Each student will walk away with :

The confidence to succeed

Action Steps to take control of their academic success

Tips to become competent leaders in school and in their communities

Application exercise to implement what they have learned (workshops only)

The skills learned from this program will ultimately help the participants to become more confident, better students, and competent leaders. Based upon my experience as an Electrical Engineer and Project Engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry, I will bring my expertise, life experience, and skill sets to help the participants to empower themselves to take advantage of their education and ultimately enrich their own lives and those of their community.