When Faith Isn’t Enough

How many times have you been told to “Just Have Faith?” Just have faith seems to be the answer to all of life’s problems – or so it seems. But how many times have you had faith and just believed, but nothing changed. The man you love still mistreats you. You still can’t find a job. You still wake up lonely and depressed. You believed and believed and believed. But absolutely nothing changed. Why?

Because no one has ever told you HOW to have faith.

Faith is more than just believing God can and God will.

Faith is putting your beliefs into action. You see, faith is not a passive verb. Faith is an action verb that requires you to get up and physically do something to manifest your faith.

What do you have to do? I’m glad you’ve asked.

If you’ve read my Faith Formula book, we discussed the 3 components of Faith: Belief + Hearing + Works

All three things must be in place in order to have WORKING faith and ACTIVE in your life. Just believing isn’t enough. Just repeating affirmations alone isn’t enough. Just trying to work and produce your blessing alone definitely isn’t enough. There has to be a combination of the three.

In my recent book Engineering Faith (http://goo.gl/0k8ekp ), I examine real life situations on how to apply all three components of faith in your life. Let’s look at one example here:

With the economy the way that it is, I have met a number of people who have lost their jobs or are working in subpar jobs. You’ve been praying and believing for a better job, but nothing is coming through.

Tip #1 –Choose what you are going to believe in

Do you believe that God cares enough about you to provide for all of your needs, just when you need it, just how you need it? When you believe that God loves and cares for you enough to provide for your needs, you have no need to worry. When circumstances get tough and deadlines for bills are due, do you waiver in your belief that God will provide or do you begin to have doubts that God will provide? Make a decision right now what you are going to choose to believe.

Tip #2 – Change the story that you are telling yourself and the world.

When you believe that God will provide for all of your needs, just when you need it, just how you need it, you must allow that belief to come out of your mouth. Faith (belief) comes by hearing. You listen to yourself more than anyone else on this planet. So when someone asks you “How are you doing,” what is your response? Is your response “I don’t know how I’m going to make it.” Or “I may be homeless next week.” Or “I’m so worried I don’t know what to do.” Are these statements in line with what you said you believed?

When your words match your beliefs, it would sound something like “I don’t know when I’m going to find another job, but I know that I will find one.” “Although that I didn’t get this last job that I applied for, I know that that experience was helping me prepare to receive the job that I need/want.”

Also watch out for your inner conversations. When you’re lying in bed at night and you’ve been to 3 interviews in the past week and didn’t get a call back from any of them, sometimes you start having negative conversations with yourself. You may start to question your worth, your self-esteem, or your placement in this world. Don’t let those negative conversations rule your thoughts. You have control over your words and thoughts. When those negative thoughts – and they will – counter those negative thoughts with the power of your words. Speak out loud the you beliefs. “I know that God is providing for all of my needs.” “I know that God is preparing me to receive my blessing.” “I know that the rejection that I receive is not a reflection of who I am or my self-worth. I am a child of God. God broke the mold when he made me. So I know I am valuable. I know that I can do any job that is placed in front of me.”


Tip #3 – Make sure your beliefs, match your words, and match your actions.

Make sure your actions are also in line with your beliefs and your words. Get up every morning and show up. Fix yourself up. Prepare your thank you letters for each of the interviews you’ve had. Start working on your acceptance letter for the job you will receive. Begin setting your alarm clock as if you have a job to go to. Choose to dwell on the positive things of each experience.

Keep moving. Keep going. Keep Interviewing.



Tip #4 – Let go of the HOW. Allow God to be creative in your life.

One of the biggest mistakes that we make with faith is spending all of our time and energy trying to figure out HOW the blessing or miracle will come. For example, you are looking for a job. And the reason you are looking for a job is so you can provide food, clothing, and shelter for your family. The job that you truly desire requires extra certifications and training that you currently don’t have. But you apply for the job anyway hoping by some miracle you will get it. But, a friend of yours is telling you about another job that pays well. It’s not exactly what you want to do, but the pay will cover all of your needs and some. You have a choice here. You can choose to continue to apply for jobs you are not qualified for because you have faith that you will get it. Or, you can choose to apply for the other job and be open to the possibility that this job could provide the means and the income to get qualified for the job that you want.

A lot of people will continue to apply for the jobs they are not qualified for because they have already planned HOW God is going to bless and provide. In the meantime, God has provided you an unconventional way for you to get to your end goal – but, you missed it because God did not act according to YOUR plan . . .


In all of your getting, get an understanding. In Engineering Faith, I help you UNDERSTAND active working faith and give you tips and guidelines for applying faith in your life that is real and tangible. If you are ready to see real change happen in your life, click the link below.


Until next time,

Live Fully, Live Fearlessly, and Live Life On Purpose,


Engineering Faith

Engineering Faith

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  1. The Corporate Entrepreneur Coach on May 7, 2015 at 10:39 am

    I absolutely love this post and the importance of faith. Many people miss the requirement of action. Faith without works is dead. You must put forth the effort required in order to sow the seeds that God has given you.

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